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THE EROTIC GHOST (Seduction Cinema) DVD. Soft-core adult erotica. Approx 80 minutes. NR. Nudity, sexual situations. Toggling between two story lines, we are introduced to the sexually bored Doris (Darian Caine) and her somewhat dopey husband Robert. As Robert deals with a backstabbing co-worker named Bob at work, Doris finds herself in various positions as a hot ghost like woman (Penthouse Pet Tammy Parks) treats her the way she wants to be treated. Back at the job, Robert realizes his insignificance as his fellow co-workers fail to even remember his name. To make life worse, even the secretary (Debbie Rochon) Robert porked some years ago has forgotten his name. Back on the home front, after experiencing her friendly ghost in the shower and on the kitchen counter, Doris discovers two sexy female demons in her cellar who are more than happy to perform their sexual magic. Yes, they all wind up in a bed..naked..with tongues working full time. At the office, Robert has had enough with Bob and, as Elvis use to say, takes care of business in his own special way. After being reprimanded by his boss in an usual manner, Robert heads home. At the house, Doris and her ghost decide to do a little 69 action on the kitchen table. Just as the two really get things moving (hips, fingers, tongues, etc.), in walks Robert. Fantasy or reality?
        Erotica, comedy, erotica, comedy..that’s the deal with this flic. The sex play is softcore, but there is plenty of nudity for you to “get into.” Of course, I greatly appreciated the talents of the naked actresses as they performed their job, but I was actually more interested in the Robert at work story. First off, Zachary Snygg (Robert) crakes me up. I’ve seen him in other movies playing similar roles and he kills me every time. He’s one odd fuck. John Fedele does a great job as Robert’s nemesis Bob. Plays a great prick that I’m sure you’ve dealt with at work in the past, or maybe present. You just have to love this exchange between the two; Robert yells, “You know Bob, you’re a real piece of shit you know that!” Bob replies, “Ya, well if I’m a piece of shit, then you’re the dick poking me pal.” You gotta love movie writing like this! I watched this scene about four times and laughed every damn time. So you know, the comedy parts of this flic are extremely goofy. What’s the deal with the hockey mask? On the erotic side; tons of girl on girl action. You get the three Bs-boobies, bums, and bush (well, very little bush due to shaving), but no hardcore action. In fact, you get boobie about 20 seconds into the flic! Right to the point eh? This movie is produced by Micheal Beckerman and John Bacchus, the guys who brought us The Erotic Witch Project and Mistress Frankenstein. DVD includes behind the scenes action (which is pretty good), interviews with Darian and Tammy (Tammy’s kind of goofy), and some trailers for some other Seduction Cinema flics. 'Twas an enjoyable evening…- Denis Sheehan


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