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EMBODIMENT OF EVIL  (Synapse Films) 94 Minutes. Tons of nasty nudity, gore and extreme violence.
   It has been 40 years since last we saw Coffin Joe and we thought he was dead. Man were we wrong. Seems he has been in an insane asylum and he’s getting out. Coffin Joe wastes no time in achieving his goal in finding the perfect bride to sire his male child to continue his evil.
   I think to truly appreciate this film you are going to have to watch at least one or two of the older ones. It is a bit of a shock where the older ones, for obvious reasons, used more subtle ways of getting the horror across, this one jumps right into the gutpile with a relish that I think Coffin Joe has been waiting a long time for. There is just so much gore and nudity in this film that it boggles the mind.
   The BluRay is adequate with a trailer, a featurette and footage from the premiere. There is so much missing from this DVD! Where is my commentary? BluRay is supposed to give you all this room for amazing extras and when it doesn’t it makes me wonder why they bothered with a BluRay release.
   All Coffin Joe fans will want to watch this. Plain old horror folk will like the effects, but little else. -Douglas Waltz



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