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(Site) Black & White. 95 minutes. Not Rated, nudity. Jim and Lana, strangers to each other, become trapped in an apartment elevator. As the days turn into weeks, and the weeks turn into months, the two once strangers get to know each other in every personal way. Being the horny bahstud he is, Jim is excited to learn of Lana’s past promiscuity. However, Jim’s excitement soon turns to gloom as Lana reveals that she has turned her life around and no longer allows herself to be a human sexual pincushion. Determined as he is horny, Jim’s sexual advancements are relentless and fail to cease even when Lana transforms into a…ah, you’ll see.
Yes, you read that correctly. Lana transforms into an ah. I know, I know. I didn’t get it either, but it sure was one hell of a plot twist.  Of course, I very well couldn’t give away the ending and what exactly Lana transforms into, now could I? Therefore, you shall languish in curiosity until you see this movie. Although I didn’t particularly care about either character, I was interested with the movie due to its claustrophobic setting and to see what exactly was going to happen. Needless to write, I was rather surprised with the conclusion and was left wondering what I missed that led to this nutty ending. I have a theory, which I shall keep to myself. I have no idea if this was the intent of writer/director Zeb Haradon (who incidentally portrays the creepy Jim a little too well for my comfort), the black and white grainy film gives the viewer a yucky sense of voyeurism. There are a few hairy edits that give one the feeling of watching the movie in one of those old, gross grindhouse theaters. As both characters are rather tweaked, Haradon and Robin Ballard do a good job with the oddball acting. Admittedly, Elevator Movie is a movie you will either like or dislike. No in-between. It will just depend on the type of movie person you are. I have a feeling we’ll be hearing from ol’ Zeb again. So stick that in your elevator and smoke it! - Denis Sheehan



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