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(Epitaph Records) Total running time approx 260 minutes. Hailing from Boston, MA, DKM has risen to perhaps the nationís most popular and beloved punk rock Celtic band. The bandís twist of punk rock with Irish flare has fans of different musical genres flocking aboard the mighty ship that is DKM. Luckily for you, On the Road is your boarding pass onto this mighty ship and you never even have to leave your couch! The DVD is loaded with a plethora of material that will certainly keep the DKM fan happy, entertained, and reaching for a hopeful pint. Hereís what you get, DKMers: an hour live show recorded in Boston on St. Patrickís Day 2002, a tour diary/documentary (hence the title, On the Road), a behind the scenes featurette that basically, but differently parallels the tour diary, a quick documentary detailing the show played during and after a Boston Bruins hockey game, seven music videos, and a quick look at DKM playing at the AFL-CIO union headquarters in Washington DC. 
I thoroughly enjoyed this DVD, but after all, I am a fan of The Dropkick Murphys. As much as any DKM fan will love this DVD, I personally think it will appeal to the nonfan as well. By nonfan I mean those who havenít heard of The Dropkicks but like punk. If youíre a nonfan due to not liking the band, then this DVD is not for you, arsehole. The tour diary and behind the scenes feature did get a bit tired, but that was only because watching a bunch of men and their cunning hyjinx isnít especially appealing to me. Iím a fan of the band, not particular individuals of DKM. On the plus side, there are many amusing things going on in the two features, and lots of live clips. My favorites of On the Road are the live show (presented in either 5.1 or stereo) and the music videos. The live show sounds and looks amazing. However, my only beef with the live show is that itís edited at a too fast and furious pace. The viewer doesnít have a chance to focus on whatís happening on the screen due to quick cuts and edits. The videos are cool because, well, Iíve never seen them and they span the lifetime of DKM. Ah yes, there are some hidden features, but Iím going to be a turd and not include you in on how to find them (the writer allows an evil chuckle to escape his devious-but handsome-head). Not only are The Dropkick Murphys on the road, theyíre on my tv! God, Iím one clever-but handsome- jerk. Ė Denis Sheehan



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