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(Cult Epics) 1979. Horror. 96 minutes. Not Rated. Violence. Mentally collapsing to the complexities of his surroundings, a starving can’t miss artist stumbles as he struggles to finish his next masterpiece and decides to kill everyone with a hand held drill. Wait a minute…why am I writing this plot synopsis? Read the title of this DVD for crimminy sake! The Driller Killer! Gee, I wonder what this movie can possibly be about. Hmmm, one who kills with a drill? If you honestly need to read a stupid arse synopsis by a stupid arse reviewer for a movie called The Driller Killer, then you more twisted than the drill bits used in this movie to kill all those innocent victims. And oh, being the maniac he is, the driller killer eats pizza like a freakin’ slob.
Although I found The Driller Killer to be slow at times, tedious, and somewhat unfocused, I am glad this cult hit is finally available on DVD. Directed by Abel Ferrara (who also stars using the pseudonym Jimmy Laine) and released as a two DVD set, The Driller Killer does depict some rather brutal and violent murder scenes, and also includes David Lynch like oddball behavior and “humor” (i.e. the guy in the bus stop hut). At the start of the movie, the viewer is instructed to listen to the movie loud due to its music heavy soundtrack, but I wouldn’t recommend that as the music is damn annoying. Extras include audio commentary by Abel Ferrara, theatrical trailer, Porto-pack commercial (makes sense when you see the movie), three early Ferrara shorts, and an X-rated trailer for hardcore adult movie directed by Ferrara . Also included is a small booklet loaded with liner notes about Ferrara and Driller Killer. I must wonder what happened to Baybi Day? – Denis Sheehan



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