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THE DREAM OF GARUDA (Eclectic) DVD. 1994. Erotic Japanese Pink Cinema. Japanese with English subtitles. Approx 60 minutes. NR, nudity, sexual situations. After raping Mieko and serving time in jail, Ikou is released from prison and soon realizes that he is obsessed with her. After attacking two other women while envisioning Mieko, Ikou finally tracks her down and comes face to face with her. Upon knowing that he needs to always be with Mieko, Ikou is disheartened to learn that she is now a prostitute for his old buddy Toimori. For some weird reason, Mieko confesses to Ikou that she wants to be freed from Toimori’s pimping enslavement. Hoping to redeem himself in the eyes of Mieko, Ikou decides to be her “Garuda” and make her wish reality.
So you know, Garuda is an evil, bird like, mythical Hindu God who’s worshipped as the protector of Buddhism. I may be incorrect, but I’m guessing that Ikou is supposed to be Mieko’s Garuda. Evil protector. However, I cannot explain the bird thing. All in all, aside from the softcore sex scenes, this flic doesn’t have much to offer. However, there is one sex scene here that has me saving up to hit Japan’s Soaplands (area where young woman give massages and baths to men to tiptoe around prostitution laws). In this scene, a hot, naked Japanese woman rubs her well-lathered body all over Ikou’s body. I mean she rubs her body on him unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, and I’ve seen a lot-not in person, in trashy movies. Holy “I want that done to me” Batman! This scene alone is why I’m keeping this DVD. Ayup, I’m scum. All the sex scenes are softcore with mainly butt and boob shots. As for the rest of this flic, I do not have much to say. The DVD print is not all that great as it is loaded with scratches and other blemishes. Hey, someone give me a bar of soap, pronto! – Denis Sheehan


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