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(Secret Key Motion Pictures) 2000. 82 minutes. Erotic horror. Not rated. Topless nudity, softcore sex, blood. Decades ago, Dracula was killed by one savvy bastard. In the present day, Drac’s daughter, Vamparina, has tracked her daddy’s killer, who’s been reincarnated, to a college oozing with coeds. As she grows closer to actually coming face to face with her target, Vamperina seduces various women for the sole purpose of satisfying her sexual desires and, of course, slavery. Finely finding her target for revenge, Vamperina prepares to sacrifice the man, but her plans are turned upside down when things get a bit out of control.
  While the first 80 minutes of this movie are basically a bore, I was surprised by and enjoyed the two twists at its conclusion. The acting is atrocious, the softcore action too softcore, but the movie is well shot and well lit, which is tough for a flic with such a low budget. Extras include auditions, behind the scenes, etc. Oh, pay no attention to the picture of the cover over there. – Denis Sheehan



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