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( Seduction Cinema) Erotica. Total disc time 260 minutes. A repressed therapist, Dr. Jackie (Julian Wells), invents a serum that separates a woman’s “pure” and “dirty” psyche, removing any and all sexual inhibitions. After injecting the potion into one of her pathetic patients (Misty Mundae) and witnessing (on top of her desk no less) the results first hand, Dr. Jackie decides to juice herself up to see what happens. Well, chalk one up for the potion, for Dr. Jackie is now a sex-crazed woman who can’t get enough.
       Are you kidding? Hmmmm...Lets see. Misty Mundae and Julian Wells get naked and do the dirty, soft-core lesbo style, numerous times! Are you kidding? What more can I write? I better stop here or I’m going to get myself into trouble. Not only is the DVD loaded with extras (interviews, making of documentary, etc), but there’s also a bonus CD soundtrack included! Misty, come to me. Julian, come to me. Oh my God, I am going to die. – Denis Sheehan    



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