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(unable to find a site that works) 2003. Click 4 Flicks Spoof. 71 Minutes. Unrated.  A classic piece of trash overlaid with a new soundtrack and some pretty risqué stuff that was never in the original. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell gives us the Peter Graves classic piece of sci-fi dreck called Killers From Space with a new soundtrack.  Gone is the sappy story of alien mind control, well sort of.  Dr. Doug Fartin ( Graves ) is in charge of Operation Manhole and he’s devised an explosive device that will destroy all homosexuals in the military.  The device miserably fails and the next thing Dr. Fartin realizes is that he is in an alien base of some sort.  The aliens have turned Fartin gay and set him loose amongst the populace.  Their plan is to turn everyone gay.
This is not the first time that someone has taken a somewhat straightforward movie and changed the dialogue to make it hilarious.  What’s Up Tiget Lilly? is the most obvious example.  Night of the Living Dead has also been run through this particular ringer.  Now Killers From Space falls under the satirical knife and the results are fantastic!  The jokes come a mile a minute.  The new scenes have some startling nudity that took me out of the movie, but in a good way.  I especially liked when one of the men told Dr. Fartin's wife that he wanted to eat blueberry pancakes off her ass, resulting in a shot of someone eating blueberry pancakes off of a very nice set of buns. The joke factor is actually so dense that the film requires a minimum of three viewings: Two to get all the jokes and one to watch it with the very funny commentary by Director
Doug Miles and writer Tex Hauser. This flick deserved more investigation so I went to their website and discovered that this flick is actually a kicker for a television series that does pretty much the same thing, adding funny new dialogue t really old flicks.  I know I'll watch it when it hits the airwaves.  This is one funny movie. - Douglas A. Waltz



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