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(Heretic Films) 2006. Heretic Films. Comedy/Horror. 75 minutes. Not rated, gore. With the help of his slacker friend Smalls, Benny throws an impromptu party to try and hook up with a chick he digs. However, the party is quickly ruined when party crashers in the form of zombies try to eat all the guests. Stuck behind the safety of a fence, the party goers must do whatever it takes to survive, and get the pizza the delivery boy dropped on the wrong side when he was attacked.
   Not taking themselves too seriously (the production company is named IWC: Idiots with Cameras), the fellas behind Die and Let Live have given birth to a pretty amusing and downright entertaining indi flic. Sure, some of the dialog is drawn out, but a damn good percentage of it is funny. Poor Benny’s love life has a great one word conclusion and Smalls goofy antics are very fat guyish. The gore is mostly gushing blood, latex skin bites, and one damn fine disembowelment that’ll have Gramma heaving her Rolaids. Extras include commentary, outtakes, deleted scenes, etc. You know, knowing the early 20-somethings I know, I’d say these idiots have hit a zombie invasion and how they’d handle it dead on its head. – Denis Sheehan



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