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. DVD. Comedy. PG-13. 98 minutes. As a youngster, Dickie Roberts was a popular and loved child actor. He ruled, and he knew it. Thirty years later, Dickie is a whacked out parking valet who desperately wishes for his long lost popularity and stardom. After being turned down for a role by movie director Rob Reiner, Dickie is told and realizes that he isn’t “real enough” for the part due to his pampered childhood. Determined to get the role, Dickie hires a family to help him relive his childhood and make him more normal. As time passes, Dickie learns a lot about himself and life, while teaching his host family a thing or two along the way. 
First off, I love David Spade. I find the guy to be most hilarious, which is why I decided to review this movie. As usual, Spade’s comedy is goofy, funny, and at times even embarrassing. Problem with Dickie Roberts is that the goofiness is constantly over shadowed by serious and unfunny moments. There are too many scenes that make you feel bad for Dickie, which makes it hard to laugh at him. In the real world, people often feel sorry for today’s grown up former child stars and feel bad for them as they fail to socially deal with there fleeting fame. This is the case with Dickie Roberts. Yes, there are plenty of humorous scenes, but I often felt pity for the poor sap. Dickie Roberts is loaded with cameos of former child stars, including an end of movie song performance that will crack you up. God it’s weird seeing what some of these former child stars look like. Raj from What’s Happening look OLD. It was also kind of sad to see Fred “Rerun” Berry due to his recent death. And yes, Marcia Brady still rocks! The DVD is loaded with extras (liked some, didn’t like some, not going to go into details as it will take forever); commentary by Spade, deleted scenes, and many featurettes. I did enjoy Dickie, but I also think it could have been funnier. You know, I really miss Chris Farley.- Denis Sheehan



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