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(Brain Damage) DVD. Horror. 100 minutes. Rated R, violence, gore, nudity. On the outskirts of town lies a creepy, abandoned chemicals factory. The place is in ruins and many have disappeared after entering the depleted building. Undaunted, a group of college students load up the beer and weed and head on over to the factory for a weekend of boozin’, druggin’, and sex. Just as the fun starts for the frolicking students, out comes the factory party popper (scantily clad chickie with Freddy Krueger like knife hands and pointy teeth) and ruins all the fun by eating everybody.
                Although entertaining, this flic is loaded with b-movie annoyances that will have you asking yourself why, why, why? Just a few of my whys; when the killer kills, she does so in a very sloppy way and gets blood all over herself. However, when she stalks her next victim, there is not a speck of blood on her. Now, I very highly doubt she showered after each kill, so why was she clean after being so blood covered? The story takes place in a big abandoned chemical factory, yet the only rooms shown are the same three or four white trash bedroom looking rooms.. Ok, I know it’s because of budgets constraints, but I just feel like being a picky bah-stud right now. There are many other cases of such “why” happens scattered about, but I shall digress. I must admit, the first kill shown here is perhaps the longest death scene in the history of cinema and made me laugh. The killer kills this dude (who kind of has a slight resemblance to Askew writer extraordinaire Ben Hunter) and just repeatedly thrusts her knives into him all while he just stands there moaning and his girlfriend (who just happens to be on hot chickie) sits there screaming her purdy little lungs out. The scene never ends and it’s the funniest thing in the world. You also have to love this line of dialog; “Louisa, you know this place, where’s the exit?” “I don’t know about an exit, but I’m sure we can find our way back to the front entrance.” Umm..isn’t the front entrance considered an exit? I know I am picking on this movie, but all in all, Death Factory a fairly entertaining (in b-movie terms) piece of horror indi work. Lots of blood, some nudity, cool enough production work, and a not too shabby looking villain. – Denis Sheehan



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