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- The Bed That Eats (Cult Epics) 1976. Horror. 80 minutes. Not Rated, bed violence, brief nudity. In the middle of nowhere stands an abandoned house. Lurking within the house is a bed. This is not your ordinary bed. This is a handsome bed that beckons the weary, the lost, and the horny. However, lying on this bed will not bring you rest, peace, or sexual satisfaction; for this bed is hungry, and this bed must eat.
Fantastically absurd! Although it does have its spooky moments, Death Bed is more of a comedy due to its lunacy and outright insane villain. The movie is shot as a horror film in atmosphere terms, but the writer/director definitely knew how to have fun and not take things too seriously. To be honest, the origin of the bed and how it actually became the “death bed” is a pretty good idea. So I think anyway. I did enjoy the odd flic on its own merits, but listening to director George Barry’s introduction about Death Bed’s history made me appreciate it even more. This movie has been basically hidden for the past 25 years and I can kind of understand why. After all, it sure a shyt doesn’t have mass appeal. But why it doesn’t have a larger “cult” following is beyond me. Perhaps it will make sense if I sleep on it…on second thought…- Denis Sheehan



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