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(Heretic Films) 2004. Drama. 85 minutes. Not rated, sexual chit-chat. Wes, who is 17, lives with his divorced dad in an apartment complex away from his friends and is bored and lonely. Wes reluctantly befriends Dusty, an older gay male, after finding out he writes for a porno magazine called “Dear Pillow.” Since he’s is a virgin and aching to partake his first sexual experience, Wes starts to write porn stories under the tutelage of Dusty. As time goes by, Dusty involves the slutty complex manager to help Wes experience sex beyond the written word.
  I found Dear Pillow to be captivating and intriguing, but I am not sure if that’s because of the actual movie or the fact that I was once a 17 year old virgin aching for my first sexual experience, like Wes (played by Rusty Kelley who is slated to star in Cabin Fever 2). I suppose it doesn’t matter since regardless of why, the movie evoked emotions and held my attention throughout. Dear Pillow nicely shows how a lost teenager can focus on something if he’s interested, or desperate, enough. The writing also builds several tension points as viewers will wonder what Dusty’s motives are, how will Wes’s father react to certain happenings, and finally, what will Wes to when confronted with his “big” decision. The acting and production work are good. Extras include two shorts by director Brian Poyser, deleted scenes, and commentaries. If you’re a fan of low budget and independent filmmaking, this one is right up your alley. – Denis Sheehan



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