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(Cult Epics) Drama. 80 minutes. Not rated. After his girlfriend Laura falls to an accidental death, Joey, her boyfriend who is not ready to give her up, travels with her corpse from New York City to West Virginia . Joey goes on a spiraling journey from lonely motels to rainy villages. While trying to preserve her fading beauty, he is haunted by the memories of the happy and dark moments of their relationship. When the corpse starts to decay, Joey descends mentally and emotionally.
    I found Dark Leaves to be a dark poetic journey into the mind of a desperate man in love. The movie doesn't have much dialogue, but you feel the despair of Joey from the musical score and the scenes of cold, dormant exterior shots of the cities and small towns. Even memories of Joey’s love are shown living in rooms with dark shadows. Not wanting to face the reality of his life, Joey tries to care for his love by painting her nails and fixing her make up. The movie moves a little slow, and at one point I saw a man in Joey's car rear view mirror (I think it may have been the camera man). Artistically, I think the movie is awesome. DVD also offers directory's commentary and the making of Dead Leaves.  - Darla Enlow



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