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(Blue Underground) 1981. Horror. 94 minutes. Welcome to Potters Bluff, a quaint coastal town where the citizens are friendly, where one hot blonde will show you her boobs, and where the citizens take great pleasure out of brutally killing you. One by one the murder victims pile up. One by one the murdered victims reappear as your friendly neighborhood citizens. Together, the citizens of this nutty town not only kill you in grisly fashion, they’ll also record your sick demise via photographs and film. Confused by the sudden rash of murders in his small town, the Sheriff soon finds himself lost in a confused world of disbelief.
Cool flic here on a number of fronts, the first being Stan Winston’s special effects. Being a huge fan of Winston, I was interested in seeing his early work and, as usual, I was most impressed. The effects include a little slice and dice, some puppetry, and some cool time-lapse mayhem. One effect is so lifelike, you may not even realize it’s an effect until you watch the extra interview with Winston. Few faces you may recognize: you have pre-Freddy Krueger Robert Englund playing the town tow truck driver, Jack Albertson from Chico and the Man plays the creepy/odd mortician, and ever familiar looking Melody Anderson (drove me nuts trying to figure out where I had seen her, remembered her from the movie Flash Gordon) as the Sheriff’s wife. Co-writer Dan O'Bannon also co-wrote Alien and Return of the Living Dead. Released as a two-disc package in a cool disc holder and slipcase, this baby is loaded with extras. Disc one contains the movie with three optional commentaries by Director Gary Sherman, co-writer Ronald Shusett, actress Linda Turley, and cinematographer Steve Poster. Disc two includes separate interviews with Stan Winston, Robert Englund, and Dan O’Bannon. You will enjoy these interviews almost as much as the movie. Trailers and still galleries are also included. Hmmm, why is it whenever lost, scared people in dire need of help always seem to find their way into the cellar of a creepy house with only a single lit match to illuminate their way? I love it! Back in the day I worked at my Mother’s video store and always saw this video going in and out of the store, but I never watched it. Eight million years later, I am sorry I didn’t partake in it way back when. – Denis Sheehan



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