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editor's note; this review was written long before Darkbuster reunited.

- Drink and Fall Over (Rotten Drunks Records) Uncouth and drunk out of their minds, Darkbuster drooled supreme over the Boston/New England punk scene for a few years before their premature breakup in 2001. Two years later, Darkbuster is playing spot shows here and there (but haven’t made plans to formally reunite, as far as I know anyway), but it appears it may be tough to catch these guys live for the foreseeable future as these rare shows sell out quickly. Enter Drink and Fall Over and its nearly two hours of beer soaked (I’ve been to a million punk shows and have never seen a band get doused with as much beer as Darkbuster does) live madness. The main feature is Darkbuster’s approx 35-minute set at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA recorded May 2000; semi finals for the Rock-n-Roll Rumble, which Darkbuster ended up winning. Recorded by two chaps, this insane gig pretty much gives you an idea of what it’s like to witness what Darkbuster is all about. If you watch closely, you can see one arsehole stage diver land a nasty cheapshot to the face of some poor unsuspecting soul. The DVD’s bonus material offers assorted one-song performances, the recording session for “Take the Fall,” the “Cheap Wine and Cigarettes” video, and Darkbuster’s 23-minute set at The MassCann Freedom Rally (marijuana legalization) held on the Boston Common during the summer of 2000. This set was recorded by a sole cameraman, but looks and sounds great! Of the one shot performances, my favorite is “I Hate The Unseen” with special guests, The Unseen! Watching Gurley’s reaction to the microphone sharing “Billy Idol looking Mother-fucker” is priceless!
Look, Darkbuster is great and this is one great DVD. Drink and Fall Over nails the Darkbuster experience right over the head with a beer bottle, empty beer bottle that is. The overall quality of the picture and sound isn’t perfect, but on a scale of 1-10, I give it an 8. In the past, if you’ve been an Askew Reviews reader, you’ve read my recommendations to buy all Darkbuster CDs and to see them live. Along with those two recommendations, I now highly recommend you purchase Drink and Fall Over. It’s that good. – Denis Sheehan



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