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(Rykodisc) Comedy/Survival Television Series.  Not Rated.  Two DVD set. In a series of seven, half hour episodes, host Nick Frost (Ed from Shaun of the Dead) introduces us to various dangers that lurk around the corner and how to survive them.  From nuclear war to hippo attack.  How to field dress a wound with maggots to rescuing a hostage.  Nick Frost is the master of danger and wants you to be safe from the many perils that face us in every day life.
     I am one of the fans of the film Shaun of the Dead and Nick Frost as Ed makes the film a true masterpiece of cinema so, it is only natural that I would enjoy this series.  Nick actually puts himself in a small amount of danger in almost every episode.  He wrestles with alligators.  Pokes sticks at Black Widow spiders and comes uncomfortably close to very large animals like elephants.  It is humorous to watch him react to situations that most people would say no way.  When an ex commando gives Nick a bunch of little flags and a screwdriver and tells him to make his way through a minefield, you know itís something you would never do.  Of course, to make it funny, the commando waits until Nick is using the screwdriver to probe for mines and sets one off behind him at a safe distance.  Pretty obvious by the look on Nickís face that he never saw that one coming. The real reason that many people will buy the set is the secret eighth episode; Itís Nick Frost in Danger! 50,000 Zombies!  Nick shows you how to survive a zombie attack with an expert in the field, Dr. Fell, who has spent his life fighting zombies and now shows Nick the secrets to survive the hordes of the undead.  I wonít tell you who the zombie expert, but anyone with half a brain will figure it out pretty damned quick. In addition to this extra you get a slew of real danger facts and a hilarious commentary by Nick and the production crew. The camera work is your typical shot on high quality video television program.  Nick manages to be quite witty, even when faced with some pretty horrid danger facts.  When the man who lost his hand in the combine starts telling the tale to Nick, you can tell heís a little green around the gills.  Especially when the victim tells him that the pressure from the combine had already cooked the flesh up to his wrist so it didnít hurt when he hacked the appendage off with a penknife to prevent himself from getting dragged further into the machinery.  Some things just arenít funny, but using actual events shows us how to be safe from danger. The portion of the show when he shows this little, old woman who survived a bear attack by beating the shit out of the bear with a shovel is almost worth the price of the disc alone.  Especially when they decide to recreate the episode and Nick plays the part of the bear.  Truly funny stuff! So, what are you waiting for?  This is a show that the whole family can enjoy.  I can attest to this as my family demanded to watch all the episodes in one sitting and even the smaller members of my family didnít walk away when I watched it again with the commentary.  Be safe from danger with the help of Nick Frost.  Now, with his increased fame through the Shaun film I need another, longer season of DANGER! 50,000 VOLTS! - Douglas Waltz



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