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D-DAY: Down to Earth- Return of the 507th
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D-DAY: Down to Earth- Return of the 507th
. (PBS) Documentary. 56 minutes. Not rated. When D-Day is discussed, we normally see and hear about those brave men who stormed the beaches of Normandy , France on June 6, 1944. This documentary shines the light on the men who parachuted behind enemy lines and fought some of the largest and most important battles of World War II. Using a combination of actual WW2 footage, historical accounts, and interviews with some of the men who made up the regiment, Down to Earth offers gallant, yet terrifying, look at the 507th and their place in history.
Having not knowing all that much about the 507th, I was truly amazed and fascinated at what these guys accomplished during the WW2. As time passes, more and more WW2 soldiers are dieing and along with them are their first hand accounts and experiences of what they did and saw. Documenting this type of history is so important and we must never forget what they did for us. Watch this DVD and appreciate what you learn, then tip your cap to any veteran you may see. – Denis Sheehan



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