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CREEP (Sub Rosa) DVD. 1995. 91 minutes. Not rated, violence, nudity. Psycho Angus Lynch (Joel Wynkoop) escapes from prison, goes on a murdering rampage, and along the way, he hooks up with his psycho sister (Kathy Willets) and gets her involved in the fun. Hot on the trail of the psycho siblings are a father and daughter cop duo, who are battling their own issues. As the four embark on their twisted tale, there’s more than meets the eye and it all comes crumbling down like a poorly baked lemon meringue pie.
The name of this movie should be Creeps, as every single character in this movie is a creep. First a little history: as a prostitute, Kathy Willets gained slight fame back in the early 90s after her husband videotaped her having sex with local Florida cops and politicians. Kathy defended herself by faulting her need/want/love for sex. After that classy episode, Mrs. Willets joined the stripper/porn star scene. With good reason, Creep is Willets only “mainstream” movie. B-movie fans may recognize Wynkoop from other popular low budget movies (too many to list). Creep is littered with your typical low budget pitfalls, but it is also loaded with lots of great entertaining attributes of the sickest nature. The story has a few nice twists and is loaded with unsavory issues that are a sure bet to irk the politically correct baboons. Some of the stuff is so over the top, it’s laughable (I mean that in a good way). I must admit, I had a freakin’ ball watching this trash! The DVD is loaded with extras that offer much insight into Creep, its crew, and the filmmakers. As sick as Creep is, the one and only thing I found rather distasteful was director Tim Ritter’s nonstop self-praise over his work. It’s one thing to be proud, but Christ, give it a rest already. If you’re a b-movie virgin, Creep is a good choice for your first time. If you’re a b-movie veteran, get out the beer and enjoy the fodder! – Denis Sheehan



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