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CRANK YANKERS: Season Two Volume 1.
Two DVD set. Not Rated. Like season one, puppets make prank phone calls to other puppets, and stuff.
The set includes 15 uncensored episodes and a few extras (the rest of season 2 is coming later in life. Why? Who knows). Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Carolla, Sarah Silverman, Kevin Nealon, Tracy Morgan and Askew Favorite, Jim Florentine all return to pull off some of the best prank calls puppets ever made. Also along for the ride are some special guests; Boston ’s Dane Cook, Jeff Goldblum, Seth McFarland (The Family Guy creator), Snoop Dog (boooring), Gilbert Gottfried, and others. No, I won’t be discussing the topics of the calls as that would ruin things for you, zippy. To me, the funniest calls are Florentine’s Special Ed and Bobby Fletcher pranks. In fact, perhaps the funniest call of the set is one of the Fletcher calls. I also loved second grader Kevin Kimmel’s calls, especially one call he makes to a library (the librarian sounds so damn hot!).  Other calls not to miss are all calls made by Sarah Silverman (Hadassah) and Lisa Kushell (Cammie). Lisa, as Cammie, sounds most jerkable, but in reality is unjerkable-boo! On the creepy side of things, the call by Robert Schimmel, another Askew fav, just might gross you out. Extras include some unaired calls, including one by the late Mitch Hedberg. Along with the calls, pay attention to what’s going on around the puppets; you’ll see some pretty amusing junk. Good set of calls that’ll get more than a chuckle from yer belly. You know, in all my years I’ve only made one prank phone call. When I was about 7, I dialed some number and when my victim answered, I held the phone to the toilet and flushed it. Am I out of my mind or what? No wonder I can’t get laid. – Denis “Still Can’t Figure Out if Sarah Silverman is Hot or Not” Sheehan



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