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(Substance Productions) Drama. 73 minutes. Not rated. Dan and Lisa were a couple, but are now broken up and the break up wasn’t exactly a pleasant one. Months later, Dan visits Lisa to talk, and swipe some vinyl records. While at the apartment, the pair “discuss,” for the first time since their break up, their past relationship. Of course, many unknown facts fly from mouths surprising the heckers out of this unmarried couple who were unknowingly dysfunctional.
  This is a dialog heavy movie and that dialog is well written and often amusing. However, sometimes I felt things were a bit overwritten and too witty, but then again, who wants to watch an argument riddled with, “No sir, you did,” “Nah-uh,” “I’m rubber you’re glue…” While Lisa (Naomi Johnson) remains mostly serious, Dan’s (Brett Butler-also wrote and directed) antics are funny but not to the point of making him a typical buffoon often portrayed in “break-up” movies. This indi flic is well produced, with the leads holding their own with the acting, though Naomi Johnson’s constant inflections at the end of every sentence did start to get to me. This is good stuff and I’ll be sure to steal a line or two from Dan in any future fights I may have. I look forward to more stuff from the Butler Brothers (Brett’s bro Jason also worked the movie). – Denis Sheehan

  Editor's Note: This review first appeared in Askew Reviews 14,  but I stupidly titled it "Confessions of an Unmarried Couple." 



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