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(Cult Epics)  83 Minutes. Unrated.  Cinema of Death is a collection of 5 short films centering around the subject of death.  The films vary in length, with the shortest being 4 minutes and the longest being 29 minutes.  Included in the collection is a short involving a love crazed, cannibalistic man, and an actual autopsy accompanied by a poem. 
   How can a movie with the title Cinema of Death disappoint?  The answer; easily. First off, let me just tell you how excited I was to see this movie come in the mail.  I love cinema, and next to abortions, death is my favorite thing in the world.  Therefore, I figured I was in for some sort of treat.  My excitement quickly dashed once I figured out the DVD was one of those abstract/surreal things.  I donít enjoy abstract or surrealist presentations, and furthermore, I donít believe anyone can honestly say that they enjoy such garbage.  Having only watched 3 of the 5 short films, I canít give a complete review of the DVD , but I can tell you that each movie is progressively worse than its predecessor.  Iíll also let you know that the second film, Dislandia, is one of the biggest messes Iíve ever seen.  If anyone can make sense of that nonsense, feel free to email me or leave a message on my myspace and let me in on the joke.  DVD extras include director introductions for each film and collectible postcards, which make this the DVD with the lamest extras of all time.  Sadly, a rusty coat hanger was not included in the extras. Ė C Clark



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