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CINEMA BEER BUDDY; A Punk Rock Compilation
(Hopeless Records)  Fifteen bands offer up their music videos. Some bands offer two videos (bonus videos are not listed). Here’s the list; 1.Jimmy Eat World "Bleed American" 2.Midtown "Get It Together" 3.Thursday Understanding in a Car Crash" 4.Thrice "Deadbolt" 5.A.F.I. "The Days Of The Phoenix" 6.Poison the Well "Botchla" 7.Taking Back Sunday "Cute Without The 'E' (Cut From The Team)" 8.Stairwell "Breathless" 9.The Ataris "Teenage Riot" 10.Audio Karate "Nintendo 89" 11.Strung Out "Cemetery" 12.The Lawrence Arms "Porno and Snuff Films" 13.The Beautiful Mistake "On Building" 14.Converge "Concubine / Fault and Fracture" 15.Shadows Fall "Thoughts Without Words"
Although labeled as a “Punk Rock Compilation,” some of the bands sound more metal and hard rock than punk. But I suppose it simply matters on what you think is “punk rock.” If you like the bands listed above, then you’ll like this DVD. One thing I did notice, aside from The Lawrence Arms, all of the bands seem to take themselves, or at least their video, way too seriously. Not enough “fun” going one here, just business. – Denis Sheehan



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