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(Blue Underground) All DVDs are not rated.
   Circus of Fear
- 1966. aka Psycho-Circus. 91 minutes. After a brazen daylight robbery leads them to a traveling circus, the police investigate a number of suspects, including a disfigured lion tamer (Lee), and a few new murders. Also investigating the circus, but for far more sinister reason, is one of the robbery’s participants, Manfred (Klaus Kinski). Oh, there’s also a smartass, blackmailing midget thrown into the mix. Extras include commentary by director John Moxey, trailers, stills, etc.
   The Blood of Fu Manchu
- 1968. 94 minutes. Directed by Jess Franco. The villainous Fu Manchu (Lee) and his evil daughter Lin Tang decide they want world domination and will stop at nothing to get it. Fu infects ten beautiful women with an ancient poison and sends them off to transmit the poison among various heads of state. You see, the poison is so lethal; it only takes one kiss to drop a soul to the floor. Yes, Bill Clinton would have been dead meat. Extras include; interviews, trailers, facts, etc.
   The Castle of Fu Manchu
- 1969. 94 minutes. Directed by Jess Franco. Fu and Lin are back seeking world domination. This time, they plan on turning the world’s oceans into a giant block of ice. Extras include; interviews, trailers, facts, etc.
   The Bloody Judge
- 1970. 104 minutes. Judge George Jeffreys (Lee) is your typical 17-century witchfinder; along with sexually torturing and executing everyone he thinks is a witch, he’s also trying his best to get into the pants of an accused witch, who’s hot. Extras include interviews with director Jess Franco and Christopher Lee, deleted/alternate scenes, trailers, etc. This DVD is only available in this box set! 
  Disclosure; I grew up watching and loving Christopher Lee in all those old horror movies and even though I think he tends to overact, there’s a special place in my movie heart for the guy. With that being revealed, I thoroughly enjoyed three of the four movies included in this set. Circus of Fear is my favorite, as I love seedy circus movies. All circus movies include either an evil or amusing midget, and I love it. Bloody Judge comes in second with its witch story (I dig witch stories) and seemingly out of place perverse sexual torture. The extreme, over the top villainy in the Manchu movies is great, but The Blood of Fu Manchu is much better than its sequel. Fu Manchu is a pretty cool character and I must wonder why he didn’t pop up in more movies. Lee fans will definitely dig this collection of not so easily found movies. This set is a limited edition of 7500. – Denis Sheehan



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