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(Sub Rosa) Horror/comedy. Not rated, gore, nudity. Not only is Tommy a loser, he is a loser with only one shoe. After years and years of torment and abuse afflicted upon him by his school classmates, Tommy snaps and seeks revenge against those who picked on him. Years later, the six remaining, make that surviving, classmates reunite to see how they can avoid being offed by the one shoe maniac.
Although at times a bit too goofy, the comedy in this movie is funny. The gore is pretty good, but won’t have you reaching for the barf bag anytime soon. However, as with most comedy/gore movies, the concept just doesn’t work, kind of. Honestly, I enjoyed the “comedy” aspect of this flic more than anything. The nerd who plays the nerd does so in a marvelous way. All the characters are supposed to be adults, yet they all dress as they did in high school and still portray their stereotypical likeness (what?). You have to love the idiot in the Poison shirt. You must giggle at the jock constantly playing his guitar and singing to his tiara wearing chick. And what’s with the bimbo in the bikini? The killer with only one shoe? Yep, he also wears his childhood pirate eye patch. Oh, for some juvenile reason, I found the whoppie cushion prank to be most humorous. The acting and production values are well done and the gore scenes are plentiful and rate about a 5 on the “scale of 1-10 gross” scale. Extras include two commentary tracks, two behind the scenes featurettes (which I enjoyed), and a bonus short movie that I stopped watching after ten minutes. Although the whole comedy/gore thing doesn’t work, I was able to enjoy this low budget indi as I am an expert, according to many a shrink, when it comes to compartmentalizing (able to easily separate thoughts, actions, and just about everything concerning life). – Denis Sheehan



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