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(Synapse Films) 1980.  Aka You Better Watch Out. Horror/Thriller.  95 Minutes.  Rated R.   As a young child, Harry (Brandon Maggart) discovers the truth about Santa Clause and is not pleased.  Although initially angry, Harry becomes obsessed with Christmas as he grows older.  Now a slightly deranged man, Harry attempts to share his tune with the rest of the world, whether they like it or not.  Follow Harry as he rewards those who have been nice and punishes those who have been naughty.
  This is certainly one of the most bizarre movies I have ever seen, and it is definitely the strangest Christmas movie I’ve seen.  Christmas Evil is similar to the movie Maniac, in that it follows a man who has “snapped,” although it is nowhere near as disturbing.  When I wasn’t severely confused by what was happening on screen, I thoroughly enjoyed the mental breakdown and odd/creepy antics of Harry; in particular how Harry watched the neighborhood children from the roof and recorded their names and actions in a naughty and nice book.  Even though the killing and gore are kept to a minimum (only 2 kill scenes, so don’t think this is a thrasher movie), I found the movie to be interesting and unintentionally humorous.  Although not my favorite Christmas movie, that credit is reserved for Jingle All the Way, Christmas Evil ranks near the top.  The DVD is loaded with extras including director’s commentary, which is very useful in figuring out what is going on, and hilarious comment cards from moviegoers.  The movie also stars Jeffrey DeMunn and Dianne Hull.  Christmas Evil is good, I like. – C Clark                   



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