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Complete Second Season
. Four DVD set containing 22 episodes and extras. Premiering in 1982 and running for an amazingly successful 11 years, Cheers is one of the most popular sitcoms to ever air on television. As I am sure of your familiarity with the show’s idea and characters, I will not overwhelm you with the details concerning the coming, the goings, and all the associated hijinx of the crew from everybody’s favorite Boston tv bar (bah), Cheers. Available in a four DVD box set, you get the 22 episodes that make up the second season of Cheers, plus a few extra features. (Yes, I stole my own words from the season one review)
Like Season One, Season Two is great. Along with being flat out funny, the shows look and sound great. Unlike Season One, the extras included in this box set are a bit weak. The Guys Behind The Bar is a ten-minute featurette including interviews with a few of the Cheers’ creators, Ted Danson, George Wendt, and Rhea Perlman. Some of the interviews are old, some are new. The remaining four extras are approx 4 minutes clips focusing on Cliff Clavin, Carla, and Diana, plus a blooper reel. You can take or leave the extras, but the 22 episodes are good to have in your life. – Denis Sheehan



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