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CHEERS: Seasons Three and Four
. OK, I am sure you know the deal with this popular TV series. If not, here are some key words for you, stupid: Boston , Bar, funny arse stuff.
Season Three includes four DVDs; 25 episodes from 1984, extras. This season introduced Frasier Crane, but was also Coach’s last with the death of actor Nicholas Colasanto. Extras include pieces on Vera (Norm's wife), Carla, Frasier, Coach (which is a bit sad), and a virtual tour of the Cheers Bar.
Season Four includes four DVDs; 26 episodes from 1985 (no extras). Season Four introduced Woody and Lilith Sternin (Frasier’s wife).
Since Cheers is one of my all time favorite television shows, it should be no surprise that I love- almost cherish- these box sets. Enough written! – Denis Sheehan



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