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- Premiering in 1982 and running for an amazingly successful 11 years, Cheers is one of the most popular sitcoms to ever air on television. As I am sure of your familiarity with the show’s idea and characters, I will not overwhelm you with the details concerning the coming, the goings, and all the associated hijinx of the crew from everybody’s favorite Boston tv bar (bah), Cheers. Available in a four DVD box set, you get the 22 episodes that make up the first season of Cheers, plus a few extra features.
When I sat down to review this box set, I intended to just flip through the episodes, since I have already seen them all on tv, and pay more strict attention to the newly produced extra features. Well, for approximately six hours, I found myself watching episode, after episode, after episode, and loving every second of it.  No, I didn’t watch all 22 episodes, but I will make it through them all very soon. Concluding disc four are five entertaining extras that nicely wrap things up. First up is a candid interview with actor Ted Danson, (Sam Malone), who unselfishly states that it wasn’t so much his acting talent that landed him this role, but more likely the “connection” he and Shelly Long (Diane Chambers) were able to convey as a team. Ted also reveals just how gracious he is for being able to play Sam Malone- a definite breath of fresh air out of Hollywood. Up next is an amusing look at the “opposites attract” conflict between Sam and Diane. The next two extras offer up much laughter as we witness Coach’s hilarious way of looking at things and Norm’s great one-liners as he enters Cheers. The festivities conclude with some trivia questions, which will test how much Cheers knowledge you have absorbed. I got all except one question correct. Yes, I am a Cheers nerd. As you may assume, I loved this box set. However, I do have one beef; the DVD menus are lame and boring. Stills just don’t cut it these days. The picture comes in full screen with vibrant, crystal clear colors. This set is a beautiful thing; I raise my pint, Cheers! - Denis Sheehan



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