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(Sub Rosa) Black comedy. 75 minutes. Not Rated, violence, gore, nudity. OK, we have a flunky college student going to work for his insane mortician uncle in a backwards ass town. We have the lonely, and very goofy, mortician/failed scientist night janitor with a small weenier and sharp knife. Then there’s the busload of cheerleaders heading to a cheering competition, who just happen to be traveling through that backwards ass town. Last but not least, there’s the pistol toting drunk with very poor aim that brings all these characters together. Whoopsies, how could I forget the cheerleaders’ coach, who has a cannon of a weenier.
OK, this flic has a lot of funny, gory, and at times obscene (poor word to use. I am retarded and can’t think of a better one) moments. However, the enormous amount of chitchat that goes on between the mortician and his nephew made those moments appear far and few in between. The gore is a bit cheesy, but it gets the point across and may upset a few of you lightweight turds out there. The production work is well done and although no awards will be given to the actors/actresses involved, they did perform nicely. Extras include; behind the scenes, outtakes, trailers, etc. I really did have a good time watching this movie, but I did use the ol’ fast forward button a few times. – Denis Sheehan



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