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CHEEKY! (Cult Epics) aka Tra(sgre)dire. 2000. Sex Comedy. 87 Minutes. Not rated. Lots and lots of naked. And I means LOTS of naked!  Carla (Yuliya Mayarchuk) visits London looking for a flat for her and her boyfriend Matteo, who is seething with jealously that she is even gone from his side. The boy has good reason too, this woman is HOT!  She wears as little clothing as possible and manages to get into encounters with everyone she meets. It isn’t long before her lesbian real estate agent, Moira has her tongue shoved down her nether regions and when she attends a party she gets buggered in the bathroom. When Matteo finally confronts her he is angry until he realizes that he has been less than a perfect angel himself.  He accepts Carla for what she is and they live happily ever after.
  If you are familiar with the works of Tinto Brass you realize that I have given nothing away as far as storyline goes. Most of Tinto’s stories are nothing more than a loose string of incidences that go out of their way to show as much of the female backside as possible. If you thought that Jess Franco has a thing for the ladies pubic region then you have never seen a Tinto Brass film.  Never have I seen so many well rounded, firm asses on display as this film.  And Brass is no sexist bastard. There are as many hard dicks on display as there are female parts. I actually thought this was a refreshing change from the majority of soft core where us guys are treated to every nook and cranny of the female form, but then the ladies who watch these films have to see limp men cavorting about.  Doesn’t seem natural for them to be in an unexcited state considering the subject matter of these films, does it? The star of the film, Yuliya, is a gorgeous, curvy blonde that harkens back to the platinum bombshells of yesteryear and she makes sure that we get to see as much of her as we can in this film.
  So, if you’re an ass man, watch Cheeky! and you can even have your woman watch with you. There’s plenty for her to get an eyeful of as well, but be warned gentlemen that you might feel a little, insignificant, after checking this flick out. -Douglas A. Waltz

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