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CHAPPELLE’S SHOW: Season One Uncensored
. I was first introduced to Dave Chappelle a few years ago when I watched one of his stand-up comedy shows on one of those fancy pants cable networks. Since then, I have found him to be one of the funniest men in America. This two DVD set includes all twelve uncensored shows that make up season one. Now, I watched this set over a weekend that I was suffering from one hell of a stomach virus; I was sick, tired, dehydrated, and basically miserable. However, as I watched the DVDs, I was honestly gasping for air as I laughed myself into hysteria. Chappelle’s Show is made up of hilarious sketch comedy that is as edgy as it is hilarious. I had seen most of the shows when they originally aired on Comedy Central, but these uncensored versions are only funnier and are a must see for Chappelle fans. Hell, even if you’ve never heard of the guy, check out this set. Every topic imaginable is goofed on, some of which may offend you sensitive crybaby types. Extras include: audio commentary on five of the episodes, bloopers/outtakes, and a twenty minute “Ask a Black Dude, with Paul Mooney.” If you watch it, you will laugh, and why wouldn’t you want to laugh? – Denis Sheehan



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