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(Site) Survivalist Horror. Approx 85 minutes. Not Rated, violence, gore, and lots and lots of big guns.  A couple, Carl (Scott Lewis) and Donna (Amanda Bruton) live in a gorgeous house out in the country tucked away into the woods. They are expecting a visit from their friends Roger (Josh Altman) and his very pregnant wife, Mary (Sanaz Mozafarian, who really looks pregnant in this role) and soon after they get there, the shit hits the fan.  Seems that there is a riot going on in town and itís spreading. Anarchy rules and itís headed right for them.  Luckily, Carl is a former marine and keeps lots of guns in the house. The first wave of looters is tame and easily handled. Then comes the next wave hidden in such a clever way that I canít ruin it in this review. Finally, a paramilitary group is attacking the countryside homes for loot and is on their way to the home of our erstwhile heroes. Will they be able to repel a squad of well trained mercenaries?
   Usually, when I get a disc like this I groan and die a little inside. Obviously, home made and micro budget, I never know what to expect and usually I am rewarded with mind numbingly bad film making at its finest. Then I get things like Chaos Unlimited. With a sea of shot on video, lesbian vampire, shitty gore fest plaguing the consumer it was nice to get something original. This could really happen. Riots plague our country and this postulates a good what if.  What if, once it got started it couldnít be stopped right away? Sure, all the gun fire is CGIíed in, but it looks pretty god. The bullet hits are amateurish, but show more effort than the usual, just splash blood on her tits, fare that we get from the micro budget arena. And yes, I am a pig and it would have been nice to see Donnaís incredible rack without the encumbrance of clothing, but these are all minor complaints when placed against the success of what is excellent story telling. And, finally, is this a good movie? The measuring stick I use for this last question is, when the flick is over, did I want it to continue? Was I so wrapped up in the story that when the end credits hit, did I feel cheated and wanted to see more? The answer here is yes. Congratulations to the one man production team of Mark Lewis. He has restored my faith in the micro budget film once again. If I were him I would update and add a ton of content to the website that is linked above because this flick is going to be hot. Now, I have to go watch Attack of the Blood Splattered Lesbian Vampire Titty Humpers From Beyond the Grave. Itís bound to be good, right?- Douglas A. Waltz



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