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CHAINSAW SALLY (Pop Cinema) 2004. 83 Minutes. Not Rated. Gory, horror flick. Sally and her brother, Ruby (????) watched their parents get slaughtered during Christmas when they were very young. The two young’uns buried their parents and went on their way. Now they are grown and Sally works in the local library and Ruby stays home and takes care of the house. Oh, and they also kill people; people they think are bad. Sally tries to justify it as killing bad people, but you can tell she’s just freaking nuts.
  If you want to do a gore flick with a paper thing, redone a million times plot you need three things: lots of gore, lots of naked and lots of laughs. The gore in the flick is primarily the close up, spray blood at people type with very little actual rending of latex flesh. Strike one. There is a pair of pretty nice boobies at the beginning of the flick, but there are women in this flick that really needed to get naked. Strike two. The movie never seems to be able to decide whether or not it wants to be funny or not. Strike three. And that’s a shame. The lead April Monique Burril, wife of the director Jimmy O, is really believable as the soft-spoken librarian, Sally. She’s actually more attractive and realistic in the persona as opposed to her chainsaw wielding counterpart. And where does all this killing come from? You would think that watching your parents getting slaughtered would put you off violence not make you a second cousin twice removed from the gang in House of a 1000 Corpses. And that’s another thing. I saw shots in this flick that were so close to being lifts of the aforementioned flick that it bordered on plagiarism. The one true shining moment of this movie is the appearance of Herschell Gordon Lewis as the proprietor of the local hardware store where Sally gets all her…um supplies. He looks fantastic, sounds great and is a shining light in an otherwise mediocre production.The DVD has extras and interviews with April and Jimmy and Gunnar Hansen. Oh, I didn’t mention Gunnar Hansen was in this flick? Yeah, it’s hardly worth mentioning. He appears in a couple of flashback scenes and does a really lame chainsaw scene that would make Leatherface lower his flesh covered face in shame. The documentary of the film does have a lengthy talk with Mr. Lewis so that is cool. The documentary also showed them doing some particularly gruesome effects that I did not see in the flick. For H.G. Lewis completists only. Chainsaw Sally lacks any true bite.  - Douglas Waltz



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