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( Camp Motion Pictures ) 1988. Horror. 89 Minutes. Unrated. Gore Galore. Four friends escape to the woods for a camping trip and get slaughtered and eaten by some cannibals.  Howís that for a summary?
  For a movie that, by my estimates, cost $37.50 to make, I couldnít be more pleased.  Cannibal Campout is by far the best no/low budget horror film Iíve ever seen.  Before I explain why I enjoyed the movie so much, let me just say upfront that a majority of the acting is atrocious, but then again, what do you expect for under $50.  My favorite part of any horror movie is most certainly the blood, gore, and killing and this movie perfects all 3.  The blood and gore is so over the top in Cannibal Campout that itís safe to say that at least 75% of the budget was used on fake blood.  Cannibal Campout contains 2 of the most disturbingly hilarious scenes Iíve ever laid my eyes on.  I donít want to ruin it for those who have not seen the film, but one involves a pregnant woman, a fetus, and a hungry psycho.  Besides the amazing gore, this movie also has an amazingly awful dialogue and plot, which makes the movie that much better.  For a movie that was made as a practice run, itís amazing to see it selling on DVD 20 years later.  The cast is made up of friends and family of director Jon McBride, who in addition to directing, also plays a leading role.   DVD extras include directorís commentary, deleted scenes, and interviews with the cast.  ďWhatís the difference between an enzyme and a hormone? You canít hear an enzyme.Ē -C Clark      



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