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(Retro Seduction Cinema) 1971. More classic softcore from EI Cinema.It seems that in 2002 when EI Cinema, home of Seduction Cinema, acquired a literal mountain of grindhouse films, they realized that the viewing public wanted to see them.  Well, thatís kind of true.  Some of us perverts seemed to think this was a good idea.  So, Retro Seduction Cinema was born and now we can see stuff that you could only see in big cities in dangerous theater districts. Like 42nd Street in New York before it became a sanitized Disney version.  I can remember on High School Senior trip we went to New York and it took me five minutes to ditch our chaperones. You havenít lived if you never walked down 42nd street at night in 1979. My God! By the time I made it back to the hotel my pockets were bulging with some of the most obscene literature a 17 year old kid from Michigan had ever seen. Plus, I think I had been offered every drug and sexual position known to mankind.  Itís a wonder my head didnít explode.
  So, itís for people like me that Retro Seduction Cinema exists. In this double feature we are treated to the wondrous Uschi Digard.  Donít know Uschi? Tough, your loss. Swedish born Uschi Digard dominated the world of grindhouse, working for people like Russ Meyer and Nick Phillips. With an enormous, all natural chest and a smoldering sexuality that threatened to scorch the actual film stock, Uschi Digard was the queen of the grindhouse.  Even though these films are softcore, this is hot stuff. 
  In the first film Fancy Lady, Uschi plays a reporter from Copenhagen sent to San Francisco to check out the sexual activities of the city by the bay.  From lesbians frolicking in the bushes to a couple with amazing stamina, Uschi takes it all in and it doesnít take long before she takes matters into her own hands, literally.
  As all of Nick Phillips flicks this one was shot silent and then a smoky voiced woman adds color commentary to give the images a sense of cohesion. Not really necessary, but itís always nice to hear the crazy shit that Nick Phillips had people say.
  The second feature, Dirty Pool is more of the same in softcore land, but without the acid feel of a Nick Phillips film it lacks a little.  The action is pretty steamy. Imagine hardcore without any insertion and youíve got it.  Add the voluptuous and vibrant Uschi Digard and youíve got a good idea of where this one is going. 
  Retro Seduction adds an 8mm loop of Uschiís that is rough, but still watchable and we get a little slice of old style softcore life with 42nd Street Pete, one of my favorite film historians. I think they should have labeled this one Volume One and Retro Seduction could start releasing the many films of the dynamic and delectable Uschi Digard. -Douglas A. Waltz





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