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(First Run Features) 2003. Documentary. 90 minutes. Not rated. Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a theologian, priest, one of the first voices to speak out against Hitler, and openly challenged the church to stand by the Jews while the Nazi’s ran amok. Realizing that more than words were needed, Dietrich took his belief and convictions deeper and put his money where his mouth was while everyone else was giving the ol’ Sieg Heil.
When I was a young lad, I saw a normal size dog trotting down the street like any other normal dog. What made this dog so unusual that he remains in my memory? Well, this dog had a set of balls dangling between his rear legs that had to be at least a quarter of his total weight. While watching this compelling documentary, I couldn’t help but recall that pooch’s pouch because Mr. Dietrich Bonhoeffer had a set on him and more guts that can be imagined. Using extensive research, this documentary offers a great look, and insight, from Bonhoeffer’s early days to his untimely death. Although in the end unsuccessful, you have to admire what this man and his partners did to out wit the Nazis to the near point of killing Hitler. They were so close it hurts. I am not master of WW2, but I do know my fair share of info. However, Bonhoeffer exposed a lot of stuff I’ve never heard knew. Extras include some Bonhoeffer text, an interview with the director, still gallery, etc. If you’re a school teacher, you should look into getting this in front of your students. – Denis Sheehan



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