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(Sub Rosa) Erotic Action. Approx 90 minutes. After emigrating to the USA and writing a tell all book about the corruptness of her home landís government, Maria Beltran returns home to publicize her work. However, upon arrival, she is immediately thrust into a world of danger due to everyone either wanting her dead or hoping to exploit her newly found fame.
This movie is bad. I think itís time Jess Franco (wrote and directed this slop) jumped out of a window. Although I hated everything about this movie and being the optimist I am, there are two small positives that I shall point out; Linnea Quigley costars and even though sheís barely in this flic, I shall never disrespect my sweet Linnea and seeing her is always a good thing. There is a karate fight between the male hero and some bad guy that is so bad, itís hilarious. There, thatís it. The DVD extras include commentary, deleted scenes, and still gallery. This movie can go away now.- Denis Sheehan



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