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(Blue Underground) Horror. All discs not rated. Violence, brief nudity. Directed by Amando de Ossorio. 
   Tombs of the Blind Dead
- 1971.  83 minutes. Executed, and blind, horsemen rise from the dead when visitors invade their monastery. Disc includes English and Spanish (97 minutes) versions, alternate opening, trailer, still gallery.
   Return of the Evil Dead
- 1973. 87 minutes. On the 500th anniversary of their execution, everyone’s favorite blind horsemen rise from the dead to kill people. Disc includes English and Spanish (91 minutes) versions, trailer, still gallery.
   The Ghost Galleon
- 1975. 90 minutes. This time around, the lovable dead are on a ghost ship and pick on swimsuit models (!). Disc includes trailer, US advertising, still gallery.
   Night of the Seagulls
- 1976. 89 minutes. Now, the dead guys feast on a small coastal town who must sacrifice virgins the evil doers every seven years. Disc includes trailer and still gallery.
   Amando de Ossorio: Director- this DVD includes a documentary and interview with the director.
   When I was a young lad, a friend of mine had a horror book that showed a picture of the blind horsemen and for some reason, it frightened me. Not long after seeing the picture, I saw Tombs of the Blind Dead and was purdy freaked out by it. Well, these damn blind dudes still give me the creeps. Granted, this is a European horror and they are always slow, but the horsemen are damn cool. Of course, the first movie is the best and all other lack that certain originality. The Ghost Galleon is definitely different, but it is almost ridiculous and I still dug it. The other three DVDs are ok and will be enjoyed mostly, and most likely only, by true fans of this series. Along with the cool coffin box and all the DVD extras, you get a 40 page booklet loaded with pictures and info about the series. This set is a limited edition, but I have no idea how limited. – Denis Sheehan




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