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(Music Video Distro) DVD. Music documentary. 1976/1995. Each feature approx 1 hour each. Blank Generation is a collection of black and white videos of The Ramones, Television, Talking Heads, Patti Smith, Blondie, Heartbreakers, and Wayne County. Dancing Barefoot is a documentary about Ivan Kral (Patti Smith Group) and mid 1970s Rock-n-Roll, mostly the music played at the legendary CBGBs. Many people are interviewed here.
         Ok all you fans of the early CBGB times, this DVD is for you. Blank Generation is what I wrote above, a bunch of old videos of the mentioned bands. One appreciated annoyance here though; the video is not in synch with the music. However, the video and music is cool. It was great to see Joey Ramone and boy oh boy, Deborah Harry-Blondie- was a drop-dead babe back in the day (sadly, she has lost it with age). Damn she was hot. No complete tunes here and things seem odd with the out of synch audio/video, but all that lends some good attitude to the show. Dancing Barefoot falls along the same lines as above, only it includes a bunch of interviews with the same group of people, and Iggy Pop. Oh ya, Bono starts this feature off..why? Who knows? Wrong dude to have introduce this stuff fer ser. This DVD also includes five Patti Smith videos. Man, Deborah Harry was a babe...- Denis Sheehan


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