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BITE ME! (Shock-o-Rama) Horror/Comedy. 88 Minutes.  Rated R. Excessive nudity (big surprise), no real sex, drug content and tons of bloody insect gore. Things are business as usual at the Go-Go-A-Saurus: the wildest strip bar out in the middle of nowhere. Club owner Ralph Vivino (Michael Thomas) is on his way to ruin and if he doesn't come up with 50 large to pay off certain debts, then the obnoxious Teresa Razzini (Julian Wells) gets the club and with it in her possession, it won't be left standing for too long.  Ralph comes up with the idea to sell some high quality pot to make up his cash flow.  Problem is the stuff is infested.  Infested with a horde of bugs that look like they have leapt from a typical Outer Limits episode and a taste for blood.  Strippers are a great source of the crimson stuff and it doesn't take long before it becomes a battle between babes and bugs.
Bite Me! is the second film that Brett Piper signed on to do with ei Cinema.  The first was the remarkable The Screaming Dead.  While that was a little creepier than this film, it is pure Brett Piper (A Nymphiod Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell, Draniac, and They Bite).  Maybe he can complete the 'Bite' trilogy with something called BITE THIS!  But, I digress.  BITE ME! manages to give the whole ei Cinema studio a touch of class.  We get stop motion bugs and great performances by the entire cast.  Erika Smith has just started with the studio, but she is the girl to watch in the future.  Misty Mundae, ah, Misty.  I am a big Misty fan.  As her career progresses she gets better and this film is no exception.  As the stripper with a heart of gold, she comes across as believable and when she becomes a pissed off bug smasher, she tears up the screen. Julian Wells is always easy on the eyes and her role as an obnoxious, Mafia wannabe is inspired.  I thought it was funny that the only lesbian scene in the film was under a blanket for a change.  It's good when studios can make fun of themselves.  John Fedele as a nosy DEA agent is hilarious in the film. 
     Having been a die hard ei Cinema fan along with its Seduction Cinema and Shock-A-Rama imprints, it's good to see what is happening in the company.  Production values have gone up.  The scripts are funnier and better written.  The women have stayed gorgeous, but with more experience they do better in front of the camera.  Hopefully, Brett Piper will stay with the company and give us more of the true quirkiness that we come to expect from the director.
     The DVD is chock full of goodies: three documentaries, an interview with Misty, a video by the band CKY with Misty in the video and a making of documentary for the music video!  This disc is loaded and makes the DVD a great value and well worth the price.- Douglas A. Waltz



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