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(RykoDisc) Recorded at The Laff Stop Austin, TX on July 14, 1988, Sane Man is the first complete Bill Hicks’ show recorded. The show is classic Hicks, but is not as tight as his later work, which is to be expected. The comedy of Bill Hicks is at times subtle, but mostly hard hitting, and remains that way even after so many years. So much of what Hicks’ attacks rang true back in the day, but also rings true today and remains funny as hell. The content of the show is top notch and Hicks’ performance is almost menacing. Of course, lightweights may find Bill abrasive, but never just for the sake of being abrasive.
   The DVD includes two versions of the show; the 60 minutes original and an extended 80 minute version. I only watched the extended version because, why wouldn’t I? While I do love this DVD, whoever edited this show deserves to have his scrotum shaved with a dull razor and slowly dunked in rubbing alcohol. Talk about distracting one’s attention from comedy! Extras include several shorter recorded pieces, biography, etc. If you’ve never heard of Bill Hicks, which is possible since he died of cancer in 1994 at the age of 32, then you must learn this man. If you’re already a fan, this DVD is a good’n. It is truly a sin that this guy died so young. So many laughs left unlaughed. – Denis Sheehan



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