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GIRLS ON DINOSAUR PLANET (Seduction Cinema) Unrated.  Typical Seduction fare with lots of boobies and simulated lesbian sex. Zoe Moonshine and Ruby LaRocca play space travelers checking out the prehistoric life forms on a planet; a planet of nothing but farting dinosaurs and lesbian cave girls.
   Director William Hellfire seems out of his normal elements of shocking cinema in such a tame endeavor.  Zoe Moonshine is a delight to watch on screen and having recently interviewed her can attest to the fact that sheís a delight to talk to as well.  Well, sort of, we did the interview via email, but she comes across as very personable.  Misty Mundae is there, but she seems lost in this sea of naked women.  Tina Krause is as always, quite gorgeous to look at and well, except for the overweight Lily Tiger, all the girls are extremely hot.  Looking for a complex storyline of a superior alien race studying the primitive rituals of a society of cave people?  Forget it. Just relax and watch the simulated sex.  Best scene in the movie is when Ruby LaRocca plops head first into a huge pile of dinosaur doody and stays there for a very long time.  I thought she might have died for a moment there. As is the norm for Seduction, the disc is packed with extras.  Besides the prerequisite ton of trailers and the new thing that Seduction is doing with these retro peep shows, we get another movie.  Donít get excited.  Itís the lame ass Bikini Goddesses (1994) directed by former porn director David DeCoteau.  His film comes with a completely unnecessary commentary that just adds to the dullness of the picture.  I would have rather heard what William Hellfire had to say about his flick than this boring bastard droning on about his movie.  Misty fans will all buy this and most other people will avoid it like the plague.  Thatís too bad because it comes across as a true throwback to the threadbare exploitation films of the 60ís and 70ís.  Not Bikini Goddesses, but the other one.  The good one with Misty in it. -Douglas Waltz



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