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Drama/fantasy/comedy. 125 minutes. PG-13. All his life, Edward Bloom excelled in story telling and exaggerated tall tales, many of which he told to his son, William. As the years passed, Edward and William’s relationship became disconnected as the two stopped talking to each other. Finding himself at the side of his father’s deathbed and not really knowing the truth to all the tale tales, William tries his best to make sense of all that his father told him.
With his previous effort, Planet of the Apes, director Tim Burton struck out with a miserable failure, in my opinion. However, and again in my opinion, Mr. Burton has hit a grand slam with Big Fish. Edward Bloom’s tall tales are beautifully depicted with all the great exaggeration one would expect from such a great story teller. The story is fun, sad, and often fantastic with overflowing imagination. As you may expect, the production and acting values are beyond top notch. The DVD is loaded with a number of cool extras:
Burton commentary, a number of featuretts, etc. Watch Big Fish so you will never have to refer to it as “the one that got away.”- Denis Sheehan



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