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THE BEDROOM (Screen Edge) 1992. Not rated. 63 Minutes. Thereís this club called The Bedroom where all the girls use a drug that is highly hallucinatory and then they let the clientele have their way with them. It seems that someone is killing the girls off one by one and the star of our little opus, Kyoko, suspects her lover, Kei. To discover the truth, she goes to The Bedroom without the benefit of the drug to discover the truth. 
  The Bedroom comes packaged in such a way that what you expect is far from what is delivered. Throughout the packaging the words, fetish, pornography, sensual, and avant garde are sprinkled liberally. The rating for the film is 18 and over. This gives me the sense that something edgier than the norm will take place. Man, what a letdown. At a running time of 63 minutes this puppy is about 63 minutes too long and twice as pretentious. Iím not sure of the reason behind the rating as while there is much fondling of Asian flesh and we do get a couple of very energetic and horribly faked sex scenes, itís pretty tame stuff. The subbtitles are white and there are many white scenes in the flick making the subtitles unreadable.-Douglas A. Waltz



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