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(Levrock Pictures) 89 minutes. Drama. Not rated, language, brief nudity. A married couple hosts a small party of extended family where each and every person has their own ‘lil slice o’ drama happening. The couple is suffering from marital issues and dealing with the after effects of a nasty car crash. Older sis Virginia has invited her ex-boyfriend along to the party, while the youngest of the bunch is kind of hot and I like her most.
   First things first: the wrong woman got naked! Sure, it was nice to see some A-cup boobies on the main female lead (Allyson Sereboff), but why not have the youngest sis (Steffi Kammer) show us some? Damn, it could have been done without being the least bit gratuitous, too…come to me SteffiBay State Blues is so appealing due to what happens, which I shall not give away, throughout this movie could be happening in your own house or next door. All of the characters in this movie are likable, but all have something deeper going on and viewers will certainly not agree with how some things are handled. Kind of like real life, right? The married couple aside, I found the story between ex-lovers Virginia and Jason (Sharon Maguire, Joe Tuttle) to be most realistic and engaging. Helping to keep the drama loose are quick squirts of comedy, usually brought forth by Scott Lewis that are pretty damn funny. The cast has their ups and downs with the acting, but the overall feel is pretty good. Some of the locations are beautiful and make me want to actually get out and explore my own state of Massachusetts a little bit more. Written and directed by Mark Lewis, Bay State Blues is an independent movie that runs emotionally deeper and is more realistic than 98% of mainstream fare. – Denis Sheehan



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