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BARE BEHIND BARS (Blue Underground) 1980. Women in Prison (WIP). 95 minutes. Not rated, but would be rated X. In a women’s penitentiary, the prisoners are forced to partake in the sex slave trade, allow themselves to be lab rats for the nympho head nurse, or die. After a while, the prisoners riot for revenge and some escape to rein terror on those who put them in jail. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…oh ok, I’ll stop. 
  Bare Behind Bars is your typical WIP movie, with the added joy of hardcore sex! Now, now, don’t go getting your wiener all revved up because the sex scenes are far and few in between and they’re also rather yucky; hairy, sweaty, and end up bloody. The rest of the movie is loaded with melodramatic acting, lots of boobies, bushels of pubic hair, fights, hose downs, and the occasional cavity search. You know, all the great stuff that makes a great WIP flick. I just know there’s a sicko or two reading this and getting all “anxious.” Hardcore scenes aside, this WIP movie is one of the dirtier feeling ones I’ve ever watched, and I’ve seen my fair share of these types of movies. This is a must for fans of WIP movies, all others will need disinfectant! – Denis Sheehan

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