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(Blue Underground) 1973. Erotic drama/horror. 83 minutes. Not rated. Valentina (Isabelle De Funès), a popular Milan photographer, seemingly comes under the curse of sorceress named Baba Yaga (Carroll Baker), who is into lesbianism and sadism. While the curse is inflicted upon those on the other side of her camera, Val slowly finds herself getting sucked into world of eroticism and crime. 
Unlike Valentina, I failed to fall under Baba Yaga’s curse and found this movie to be rather boring. Yes, there were a few scenes that interested me, but truthfully, Baba had me constantly dozing off into a near slumber. Labeled as an erotic/horror film, I found Baba Yaga to be more of an arthouse oddity type of movie. There’s a spacey (state of mind, not intergalactic positioning) feeling going on here that had me confused as to what was really going on; especially the ending. Baba Yaga is based upon the S&M comic by one Guido Crepax (is that a great name or what?). DVD extras include; deleted/censored scenes, interview with director Corrado Farina, a Guido Crepax documentary, poster/stills gallery, and a dvd-rom comic book to movie comparison. –Denis Sheehan



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