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ARMY OF DARKNESS: THE DIRECTOR’S CUT- (Anchor Bay) DVD. 1992 Horror/comedy. 81 min. Rated R, violence. Written and directed by Sam Raimi. Ash (Bruce Campbell), and his 73 Olds, is sucked into a demonic time warp and transported to England’s Dark Ages. After Ash impressively defeats a Deadite, he is hailed by the “primitive screwheads” as the promised one who is sent to save mankind from evil. The screwheads beg Ash to retrieve the book of the dead that will not only save the earth from the Deadites, but will return Ash to his own time. Wanting to get home, Ash ventures off into the deep dark woods and captures the book of the dead. Of course, he screws up and unleashes an army of the undead who is led by Ash’s undead equal, Evil Ash.
     As we all know, Army is part three in the Evil Dead trilogy. AOD is unlike Evil Dead 1&2 because there is a lot less gore, but more action, adventure, and humor. If you haven’t seen it yet, go buy it. Not only is this a great, fun flic, but the sound and picture is absolutely tremendous! This is a great movie. Ok, I know I already reviewed this movie a few issues ago, but this is the director’s cut and felt the need to inform. This version is about 15 minutes longer than the theatrical release and includes the original ending. This ending is not as exciting as the “regular” ending, but is does better typify Ash’s bad luck. We also get to see four deleted scenes that I’m glad were deleted. However, the commentary heard by Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, and XXX is priceless. The guys are funny, informative, and not afraid to make fun of themselves. Must have for Army fans!  – Denis Sheehan


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